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To draw a taper (tapered extrusion) using Taper Maker, you must first draw a path (or line) for the taper (extrusion) to follow. Any SketchUp® line drawing tool (or plugin) can be used to create a path. Once you have drawn a path, it takes just three steps to draw a taper like this one:

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Step 1 - Select the path

Select a connected path (which your have drawn using any SketchUp® tool, plugin, or Curve Maker). The blue line - shown in profile in the figure below - is the selected path.

Step 2 - Describe the taper

Enter data to describe the taper: the cross-section shape, the dimensions at the beginning and end of the taper and where the path lies in relation to the taper. The dialog below specifies a rectangular taper that tapers from 1/2" x 1" to 1/4" x 1/2" along a path in the center of the cross-section.

Step 3 - Verify the orientation

Indicate whether or not the sample "from" and "to" tapered cross-sections are drawn at the appropriate ends of the path.

Draw Tapers With Right Trapezoid and Quadrilateral Cross Sections

The following brief video (3:20) demonstrate some of the special capabilities of Taper Maker for drawing tapered right trapezoids and quadrilaterals:

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