A Calculator Tool for SketchUp®

DrawMetal™ provides VCB Calc - a five function calculator tool for Google SketchUp®.

This tool accepts simple arithmetic expressions entered into SketchUp's Value Control Box (aka the VCB or the Measurements toolbar).  It evaluates those expressions and returns the result in the VCB so that it can be copied and pasted into other SketchUp tools.

As an example, entering   3" * 2 / 25.4mm =   in the VCB yields the result 6.

The major features of VCB Calc are:

  • Adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides and raises to a power.
  • Understands length, area and volume and their relationships.
  • Works with all standard SketchUp® units of measure (" ' mm cm m).
  • Click on an edge, curve or face in a model to use its' dimension in a calculation.
  • Uses the Ruby Console as a virtual "paper tape".
  • Observes format preferences on the Units tab of the Model Info window and displays results in multiple formats.
  • Accepts international decimal separators.
  • French version available.
  • [Mac] Stores results in user-defined variables (named memories).

This plugin are available free of charge.

Download the plugin here.

For information on how to use the plugin, click here.


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