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Compute Stock Requirements

When fabricating metalwork - especially using precious metals or non-ferrous metals such as copper, bronze or wrought iron - accurate estimates of stock requirements (raw materials) are essential.  It only takes a few steps...

Step 1 - Specify a unit of stock

Stock Maker needs to know the specifications for material to be used to make tapers: shape, dimensions, weight and cost.  The first step is to enter the data (or read them from a file).  Here, a one foot unit of three-quarter-inch round silicon bronze is specified.


Step 2 - Select tapers

Select one or more tapers that were drawn by Taper Maker. The tapers in blue below are selected.


Step 3 - Assign a stock to a taper

From the stocks in the model, select the appropriate one for a particular taper. Optionally, enter a stock loss percentage. StockMaker will compute how much stock is required. If you have assigned a SketchUp® "material" to the stock unit, the taper will inherit the material.

Step 4 - Accumulate requirements

Once each taper has been assigned a stock, view a list of aggregate stock requirements sorted by alloy, by stock and by taper name. Appropriate total lengths, weights and costs are computed.

You can copy the requirements data and paste it in another computer application such as a spreadsheet.

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