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Installation Instructions

The VCB Calc tool is installed like all other SketchUp® plugins.

The download zip file below contains one file, vcb_calc.rb, and a folder named "VCBCalc" containing additional files and a folder.

To install (or overwrite a previous installation), download and unzip (expand) the .zip file below.  Copy the content of the expanded file into SketchUp®'s "plugins" folder.

.ZIP File

Download and unzip (expand) this .zip file: (41kb[v 1.1 - Updated 2011-02-12.  Now includes Spanish (ES) translation.]

For information on how to use the plugin, click here.

Thanks to the generosity of Max Coppoletta of Quarr-IT, a toolbar icon is included.

Thanks also to Christophe Plassais for providing the FR translation and Defisto... xD! for the ES translation.