Download Curve Maker, Taper Maker, and Stock Maker Plugins

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Curve Maker version 1.6.4 and Taper Maker 1.5.4 can be downloaded and installed from inside SketchUp via the Extension Warehouse (Window>Extension Warehouse).  Login required.

Are you a member of SketchUCation?  If so, each of the plugins may be conveniently installed via the SketchUCation Plugin Store.  Login Required

You can also download the plugins from this page and follow the installation process described below:

Step 1.  Download any or all of the following files:

dm_curve_maker_plugin_1_6_4.rbz [Updated 2018-04-23 - compatible with SketchUp 2014 - 2018 - incompatible with SketchUp 8]

dm_taper_maker_plugin_1_5_4.rbz [Updated 2018-04-23 - compatible with SketchUp 2014 - 2018 - incompatible with SketchUp 8]

dm_stock_maker_plugin_1_4.rbz [v1.4 - Updated 2014-03-20]

Step 2.  In SketchUp, go to Window > Extension Manager and click the “Install Extension” button to access the downloaded files and install the plugins. (If there isn't a Window>Extension Manager menu option, then you need to upgrade to a newer version of SketchUp®)

To be notified by email whenever we update the DrawMetal plugins, send an email to:  

Toolbars for Mac OS X & Windows

Thanks to the generosity of Max Coppoletta of Quarr-IT, toolbars are included in the download files for Curve Maker and Taper Maker.


Thanks to Oxer for providing the Spanish translation, Christophe Plassais for providing the French translation, and hebeijianke for providing the Simplified Chinese translation.


View and download Curve Maker release notes in PDF format here: Release_Notes_Curve_Maker_1_6_4.pdf (127kb) [Updated 2018-04-23]

View and download Taper Maker release notes in PDF format here: Release_Notes_Taper_Maker_1_5_4.pdf (127kb) [Updated 2018-04-23]

Download an out-of-date (but useful) user guide in PDF format here: UserGuide.pdf (840kb) [v 1.03 - Updated 2008-08-17]