Curve Maker

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Draw Spirals and Curves

Curve Maker draws the following spirals and curves in SketchUp®

  • Archimedes spiral
  • Bernoulli (logarithmic or equiangular) spiral
  • Catenary
  • Cornu spline 
  • Cotes spiral
  • Euler (clothoide or Cornu) spiral
  • Fermat spiral
  • Golden spiral
  • Helix
  • Hyperbolic cotangent spiral
  • Hyperbolic spiral
  • Hyperbolic tangent spiral
  • Ionic Volute
  • Lituus (shepherd's crook or bishop's crook)
  • Parabola
  • Sine and cosine
  • Superellipses

Curve Maker provides three ways to draw a curve:

  • interactively, 
  • by specifying the dimensions a curve should have, or 
  • by specifying values for parameters in mathematical equations.  (You do not need to know any mathematical formulas.)

Drawing Curves Interactively

The following brief videos demonstrate some of the interactive curve drawing capabilities of Curve Maker:

Another video on interactive drawing and editing is available here.

Specifying Dimensions - An Example

It takes just two steps to draw a sine wave like this one:

Step 1 - Choose the curve type

From the list of available curves, choose the one you want to draw. In this case, a sine wave is selected.

Step 2 - Specify the dimensions

The dialog box below calls for drawing a sine wave (from 1/4 cycle to 1 3/4 cycles). The curve to be drawn should lie within a rectangle that is 2" high by 6" wide.

More About Curve Maker

Learn about additional Curve Maker capabilities here.

DrawMetal videos are available on YouTube.

Example Designs